Why We Love Community Power

On their own, most residents and small businesses are too small to find good electricity options in the competitive market. Instead they’re stuck with the utility default service. 

Community Power changes the game: it pools small account holders together creating the buying power to command competitive prices, and lets the community set the terms and conditions for participation.

Watch our primer video that explains the ins and outs of Community Power in New Hampshire.

Our Vision for Community Power Programs

Community Power program vision
These five core tenets make our Community Power programs a success.

Goals for Community Power Programs

Competitive Pricing

A Community Power program has complete flexibility when it procures power. Utilities do not. Leverage this, along with your buying power, to secure great prices. 

Long Term Contracts

While the utility’s residential prices change every six months, the Community Power program could contract for a fixed price for three years or more.

Clean Electricity

Support our local clean energy economy and combat climate change by including more renewable energy than the state minimums.

Consumer Protection

Unlike the door-to-door or phone offers, set rigorous terms that protect participants and provide maximum flexibility.

Envision the benefits to your city, town or county

Cost Savings

Competitive prices can mean cost savings compared to the utility’s default supply

Price Stability

Reduce uncertainty and volatility with two- or three- year contracts that keep supply rates fixed

Renewable Energy Access

Not everyone has the access or funds to install their own renewable energy. Use some of the savings to provide options with a little or a lot of additional renewable energy

Consumer Choice

Community Power can offer multiple electricity options, all with consumer friendly terms and conditions. Plus, the utility default supply and the competitive market are still available to anyone!

Let’s build something together.